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Velocity Creatives is a boutique production company based in New York City.


Who we are / what we do

Our aim is to create stunning visual stories. Stories that inspire. Stories that challenge and excite. And, most importantly, stories that speak directly to the hearts of your audience.

We offer full-service production for commercial, corporate, or creative projects.

What does full-service production mean?

It means everything you need to bring your ideas to life, including creative direction, casting, location scouting, wardrobe, production, hiring, designing, budgeting, and post-production. From bouncing concepts around in the very first brainstorming session to adding the final touches before delivery. And beyond.

We are a community of creative minds and skilled professionals with years of experience and knowhow. The type of people that can take the loose thread of an idea and weave it into something inspiring and unforgettable.

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Photoshoot Production

Photoshoot Production


Meet the founder

Natalie Schwan is an independent film director and producer, photographer, screenwriter, and musician.

Natalie studied marketing and, shortly after, got a master’s in business and organizational studies. She spent several years working in PR, and though it was valuable experience, after a while, it felt like something vital was missing. Something creative.

So, in 2013, she left her native Phoenix, AZ, and set off down the dusty I-10 highway to Los Angeles to pursue a passion for film. California was a bold, adventurous, and risky move. But it paid off. She came to grips with the ins and outs of the film industry and developed her gift for visual storytelling. But she never forgot about the world of marketing.

In L.A. she figured out how to do both. How to take marketing ideas and bring them to life with artistic flair and technical expertise. And that’s how, in 2015, Velocity Creatives was born.

Today, Natalie runs Velocity Creatives from its new home in NYC. She still has her creative hand in every project and works with a diverse range of clients, from big companies to fledgling startups who don’t quite have the budget for a full marketing team. Through consulting sessions, she helps them come up with and execute creative concepts for visual content. Occasionally, when the work day is through, she’ll take a few minutes to gaze dreamily at a map and plan a new adventure.

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